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Connect Iredell


Connect Iredell is proudly brought to you by the team at Spokeology as a service to give back to the community where we LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE!   

We are dedicated to showcasing local businesses, events, organizations, people and talent. Connect Iredell will work to tell the stories of the amazing people who make up our county while providing a free community calendar as well as a business directory to allow organizations and small businesses to promote themselves. 

Meet Our Publisher:  

Cindy Charlton Sutton
A proud daughter of a 30 year retired US Air Force/Army Veteran, Cindy moved around for a big portion of her life.  After living in Germany,  Maryland, Texas, New York and South Carolina, Cindy found HOME here in Iredell County when she and her husband Brandon relocated here with Lowe's Companies in 2003.   

Along with their then 3 year old son Dylan, the Suttons chose Statesville, NC to settle.  

After a 15 year career in Retail, Brand & Commercial Marketing, Merchandising and New Business Development, Cindy turned her focus to Community and helping small businesses in 2011  through founding Spokeology, a full service Marketing Agency.  

Cindy currently partners with her husband Brandon to oversee the daily Marketing and Finance aspects of their franchised Groucho's Deli location. Groucho’s Deli in Statesville, NC was opened in February of 2010.  The Suttons understand what it takes to own and operate a small family owned business and are passionate about helping others succeed in Iredell County.  

Inspired by a conversation she had with her mentor, Attorney William P. Pope in 2013, Cindy has been focused on finding a solution for a County wide business directory and community calendar.  

When COVID-19 began to impact small businesses in early 2020, we knew that 7 years was long enough to wait and began the process to launch Connect Iredell.  Thanks to some amazing interns through the Summer of 2020, we were able to officially launch our website on 09/03/2020.  

Meet Our Developmental Editor:  

Candace Lagerhausen

Candace is the new Developmental Editor for Connect Iredell. She comes to Connect with seven years of experience in marketing and communications roles. Originally from Illinois, Candace attended Carroll University in Wisconsin, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 2016, and her Masters of Business Administration in 2018.

Candace moved to North Carolina in 2019 with her husband, Auggie, and they currently reside in Statesville, NC. Candace is passionate about all things visual and has enjoyed decorating her new home and garden. In her free time, Candace enjoys getting to know the area by checking out local events, shops, and restaurants.

Meet Our Community Columnist:

Kristie Darling
Kristie is a transplant to North Carolina from the Washington, DC area many moons ago, and she intends to stay ‘til she’s done. She’s lived in the Cool Spring community for 34 years and has made most of her friends through community activities and organizations, like the Carolina’s Balloon Association, Carolina BalloonFest, and Theatre Statesville.

Kristie is owner/partner with her husband, Charles Page, at Cool Spring Center, a training and consulting company that opened in 2001. She and Charles have operated Big oh! Balloons for the last 41 years. The balloon ride company offers private champagne flights for couples, families, groups, and events. She earned her private hot air balloon pilot license in 1988.

Highlights of her career included positions at the Winston-Salem Arts Council, the Union County Community Arts Council, Arena Stage, The Blimp Works, and Iredell Living Magazine.

Her interests include poetry, writing, quilting, music, ballooning, hot tubbing, and hanging out in paradise with Charles, Bella, and Jango.

We look forward to CONNECTing with you!