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Environmental Education in Iredell County

Oct 15, 2021 04:36PM ● By Candace Lagerhausen

For almost 30 years, the Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center has brought environmental education to kids and adults alike. As the first environmental education center in Iredell County, the center has a range of outdoor education topics from water quality and trees to rocks and fossils. “Anything outdoors, anything nature”, says Selena Goodin, Executive Director of the Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center. They offer a number of classes and programs like field trips, scout programs, homeschool days, and outreach programs, and partner with many of the local schools. “That’s what we’re about”, Selena said, “we want to partner with schools, we want to help the kids”. 

One of the major events that takes place at the center is the Allison Woods Halloween Hobble. Drew Coombes, Founder and Coordinator the event, and an avid runner himself, created the run six years ago, using a four mile loop through Allison Woods. Participants can run a 4 mile, 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, and even 100 mile race, all while dressed in a Halloween costume. The event has been as a great fundraiser for the Outdoor Learning Center, helping to further their cause in bringing environmental education to Iredell County.

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