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Steak & Shake Reopens in Mooresville

Oct 15, 2021 03:41PM ● By Candace Lagerhausen

Spartanburg, SC native Jeremy Smith grew up around restaurants. After spending many years in the industry, he started to look for ways to own his own store. When the opportunity arose to own a franchise in Mooresville, NC, he took it. “Restauranting is in my blood”, said Jeremy, owner of the newly reopened of the Steak & Shake in Mooresville. Jeremy plays a very active role in his store, and shared, “if you come in the store, odds are, you’ll probably see me floating around somewhere”.

After reopening in March 2021, the dining room has remained closed while undergoing some updates to their ordering system. The store will no longer have waitresses, but will instead use kiosks for customers to place their orders. While this may seem like a major change to the franchise, Jeremy assures that nothing about their food has changed. “Everything behind the scenes is true to Steak & Shake fashion, we have not changed any of that”, he said, “always made fresh, made-to-order”.

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