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Giving Old Furniture New Life

Aug 11, 2021 05:24PM ● By Candace Lagerhausen

Tonya Cassidy has a knack for giving old furniture new life. “I can see a piece of furniture, especially neglected furniture, and I know it can become something better again”, says Tonya, owner of Appaloosa Artisans. Tonya enjoyed refinishing pieces of furniture to put in her own home. But when her house got to be too full, she tried selling a piece online. “It sold in four minutes”, she said, “So I knew I had something going at that point”. Not long after selling her first piece, she had people coming to her with their own furniture, looking to have it refinished. 

In addition to refinishing furniture, Appaloosa Artisans also does custom woodworking. They now have so many projects, that there is a two month waitlist for any new projects that come in. “The only reason the waiting list is there is because I do all of my work outside of my garage”, Tonya said. Visit Appaloosa Artisans’ directory listing to get in touch with Tonya and learn how you can get on the waitlist today!

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