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Connect Iredell

From City Life to Blueberry Fields

Jun 23, 2021 09:37AM ● By Candace Lagerhausen

Cindy Krawiec had no idea what adventure was ahead of her when she started helping her daughter look for land three years ago. Simply looking to get out of the city, they found the property of Mr. and Mrs. Bloomingarden for sale. “We came across this place and we fell in love with it”, said Cindy. The property came complete with a house, blueberry fields, greenhouse, barns, and even four-wheeler trails. “We came across it and said, ‘we’ll try this’”, Cindy shared, adding, “we’ve turned into farmers”. 

Cindy and her husband Paul opened P&C Berries, Greenhouse & Flowers, where they grow blueberries, vegetables, and flowers. “Everything’s grown using organic methods”, Cindy shared. The farm features four acres of blueberries, with five different varieties. Guests can come and pick their own berries when they are in season, and have the opportunity to go through their hydroponic greenhouse. In addition to visiting the farm, P&C Berries can be found at local farmers markets with their berries, vegetables, flowers, and homemade jams.

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