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Keep On Trucking - Sam A. Byers & Sons Moving Service, Inc.

From the book Preserving Our Heritage Copyright © 1998 Republished with permission from Secure Development Corporation

When you put God first in your life, all things are possible.  That was the creed that Sam A. Byers lived by.

Sam Byers was not an educated man, but he was always kind and loving to his fellow man.  As founder and owner of Sam A. Byers Moving Service, he safely traveled more than one million miles all over the United States.  He always said, “If you put God first, you can do anything you want to.”

Sam was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jay Byers, Sr. of Byers Road in Troutman.  The Byers farmed and raised cattle, milking cows, chickens, vegetable and flower gardens and sold milk and eggs as well as raised, picked and sold cotton.

As a child, Sam would play with an old wagon, which he would pile with rocks and dirt and say, “One day, I am going to have a big truck and go places.”  As he grew older, he bought a used pickup truck and hauled boxes and other items from the local grocery stores and mills.  As his business began to grow, he needed a larger truck, however, he didn’t have the money to get one.

That’s when he went to his family and they decided to pick a field of cotton and sell it to give the money to Sam in order for him to purchase a larger truck.

 Sam had six brothers and three sisters.  At an early age, he joined St. James Baptist Church in Troutman where he was an active member.  He served on the Trustee Board, Pulpit Aid and as president of the Senior Choir.

He also sang with the Byers Brother Quintet which was broadcast on Statesville radio station WSIC News for three years.  The Byers Brother Quintet sang in many churches and community gatherings with many famous gospel groups including the Quincy Caldwell Gospel Singers. 

Sam A. Byers & Sons - 346 Byers Road, Troutman, NC, ran by Sam's son Leonard and his family, continues to operate out of Troutman, NC. 

Special thanks to Steve Hill at Statesville Historical Collection for the photos.